Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New America

Today, Barack Obama becomes a new president of America. His speech is very impressive, but from the viewpoint of a place far from USA, the effect of this historical moment is quite intangible for us, so I'd like to see how the things will change, as the slogan he mentioned repeatedly. 

I hope American people be proud of their choice, and also think very carefully about their role as a leader of the world. For example, they should change their attitude to the Kyoto Protocol, an agreement to rescue the global warming. Bush government has been ignored this protocol due to some economic reasons we don't know. What an irresponsible stance  as the NO.1 producer of CO2 gas in the world! So, I wish the change proposed by Mr. Obama will let Americans be proud of not only themselves but also their responsibilities to the world. 

This is a comment from a Japanese, who has watched the presidential campaign outside of the USA.